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You are, one ninja - in a world of death and war. Many obsticals lie in your way. Make friend, sever bonds, strive to become the ultimate hero - or villian. The choice, is yours!
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 ;;The Rules

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PostSubject: ;;The Rules   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:25 am

The General Rules

Though not specifically stated, this site is to be around a PG-13 site... Please try to stay around that age range. Please. That includes pictures as well...

Be respectful to everyone on the forum. You are expected to treat one another like equals and not trash. We’re all friends here.

Don’t join and then never come back. Don’t join and only post two or three times. You are expected to check in at least once a week to keep up with your posts, keep up with what’s going on, and RP. We want this place to be active, not deserted, so if you can’t do that, then why bother joining in the first place?

You do not have to know anything about Naruto (some of us here don’t even know much about it). We are willing to teach... It just makes it easier on all of us if you do know something about Naruto. So long as you like to RP and have some knowledge of grammar (and English), then welcome to the site.


Controlling Others;
There is to be no controlling of another person’s RPC (Role Playing Character). That includes their movements and thoughts.

Auto Hitting;
You can not always hit your opponent. The actual blow or attack landing on a character is up to the other PPer (Role Player).

You can not always dodge your opponent’s attacks. If the situation makes it that you should get hit, you’re hit. If not, then you’re not. If it’s 50/50, then you get hit, but not completely.
The substitution can only be used three (3) times a fight. It gets annoying when your always using substitution to dodge attacks - and god modding if your opponent doesn't hit you.

You can not know everything. You may know everything, but your character doesn’t. You can’t know your opponent’s attacks, weapons, history, or even their name. Granted some things are knowable, but there must be a reasonable explanation. If the they are well known, granted you may know their name and some of their attack methods, but not all of them and you wouldn’t know their history either. And “I read it off of their profile page.” or “I just know.” does not work.


Post Size;
You are expected to provide at least a paragraph (five lines with five words each) for each post. Try to refrain from posting one liners, or one worders (I don’t know how you can do that, but apparently some people can). Do not link in pictures, or give links to pictures, to describe anything in your RP. Also refrain from using videos to describe anything. Links to music are allowed though.

Of course not all of us are English teachers, but we do have some minimum knowledge of grammar, whether we’re third (3) graders or twelfth (12) graders. In other words, we’re expecting you to at least spell correctly (use spellcheck) and punctuate. You know, capitalizing and such? Periods, commas, question marks, exclamation points, etc.

Refrain from “blinding” your posts. Colors that we can’t see make reading your post(s) difficult. And that means we probably won’t even bother reading it and will simply tell you to change the color. Frustrating for both you and us.

Don’t bold your whole post. This is completely pointless and just as frustrating as blinding your post.

Don't capitialize your whole post. Capitializing can be just as annoying as Bolding or Blinding.

As the name suggests, don’t make your font extremely big or extremely small. If you ever feel like you need to size things in a post, at most, go up or down one size.

DO NOT ASK FOR APPROVAL. Simple really, if you ask, we don’t approve. Granted, if it’s been awhile since you posted it, you can ask us. Awhile does not mean “two minutes”. Awhile is a week or more. If it’s only been a day or two, you can bump it (see bumping).

Do not approve if you are not a Moderator/Administrator. That pretty much explains it... You can’t approve, un-approve, or disapprove anything in the Creation Thread. You have been warned, do it and you will be punished. You can give advice and offer help though. [Note: If you’ve been “false-approved” and actually post in RPing threads, you will still be punished for that. The Moderators/Administrators in charge of Creation Approval are listed in that thread. You’re expected to have known that. So “I didn’t know they weren’t a Moderator/Administrator” isn’t an excuse.

Changing/Updating Posts;
If a Moderator/Administrator tells you that there is something wrong with your post (especially in Creation) and that you should change it, change it. Do not argue or fight with them about it.

Also (in Creation), do not make a “good post”, get it approved, and then change it into a “bad post”. A good post being that it follows all the rules. A bad post being that it is OP (overpowered) and filled with ridiculous junk that are against the rules. If you do so, the punishment will be harsh.

Updating your posts (in Creation), is allowable under certain conditions. Generally, you are only updating your character profile after you’ve done some RPing on the forum. For example, if you’ve been RPing for a long time and your character has generally changed a lot from what you originally had them as, you may update your profile, and it is advisable that you do so. Updating your character basically includes everything, from your age to you village alliance, to your history. Should you update your character profile, you should also add in “Updated” to the title so that other members will know that your character has been updated, along with what you updated. Don't forget to post "Updated." once you're done updating so Moderators/Administrators can check it.)

Adding Jutsu;
When you are making new jutsus, simply put them up in another post. Do not go back to your original post and add them in as Moderators/Administrators will be unable to tell what jutsus you have added on. Also note that once your jutsus have been approved, jutsu you learn later must be learned through RPing.


No random spamming. POST COUNT DOES NOT MATTER. Here at BFR post count does matter at all. You aren’t ranked or anything by post count. You aren’t given Moderator/Administrator powers just because you have a high post count (even if that is what it looks like). We don’t care about post count, we care about post quality.

Spamming also refers to RPs where you and other people simply do nothing. (As in you just have a thread where you’re all eating and doing well... nothing. Intro RPs where you just meet people are alright, but that should generally be among the first couple of posts you make. Not the whole thread.) Punishment includes warning... You’ve been warned. Now do it and you will be punished accordingly.

Like we said, be respectful. In RPs, it is generally alright if you’re going at each other’s throats (reasonably), but when you’re not IC (In Character), you’re expected to be respectful to one another. If something offends you, take it up with an Moderator/Administrator (as in talk to them about it, not argue with them), we’ll try to work it out.

Say you and someone else do... want to kill each other, take it up with PMs (Private Messages) here or PCs (Private Chats) on the Chatbox. Do not post up useless threads in the Chat or flood the Chatbox with it. There are also plenty of other outlets: OOC Battle in either RP Sample thread or Arena thread.

At most, only bump a topic twice (2) a day. Bumping is only needed when a post/topic has been left unattended for two days. This applies more to Creation, as there is no need to bump a topic that is in the Chat Thread (as topics are generally answered according to interest). Another reason to bump is if you’re post/topic has been pushed to another page. Then be patient. Continue to bump as needed; however, if it’s been three weeks and no one has looked at it, just PM a Moderator/Administrator about it on the site, or PC it to them on the Chatbox.

Site 'Power'

DO NOT ASK. You are appointed by the Head Administrator. You may also be voted into the position, asking will simply lower your chances of becoming one. Besides, being an Administrator doesn’t mean you get power (in the RPs). You are simply expected to do more for the site. Which generally means helping to keep the site up and running smoothly.

DO NOT ASK. You are appointed by the Head Administrator. You may also be voted into the position, asking will simply lower your chances of becoming one. Besides, being an Moderator doesn’t mean you get power (in the RPs). You are simply expected to do more for the site. Which generally means helping to keep the site up and running smoothly. Also note that not all Moderators may Approve. Your Moderating Duties may simply be to watch over the site and see to it that RPs do not go against the rules, or you may just be an Moderator over a village as you are the leader of that village.


  • Obey all rules as posted by a Moderator/Administrator.
  • Use the template given.
  • Be creative, don't copy off of others!
  • If you like someone’s clan/kekkei genkai, don’t copy it or make something similar to it. Just ask the creator if you can join that clan/kekkei genkai.
  • The elements are Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, and Earth. The advanced elements are just a combination of the two. So you pick two (2) elements and those combined are your advanced element.
  • When you create a character you are allowed two elements, one dominant and one recessive. The dominant one will hold most of your jutsu and the recessive will hold very few. The dominant will be more powerful, the recessive less powerful.
  • Only a bloodline can use separated elements. As in the case of Mokuton, you can use water and earth separately, but by using separate elements you cannot have billions of Water jutsu, and billions of Earth jutsu. They are "half affinities" therefore, they will be weaker.
  • Uchiha are to approved by an admin or Uchiha leader..
  • Technology. There is a minimum amount of technology here. Technology is to be approved by an admin.

Game Play

  • All ninja have some basic skills with Taijutsu, Weaponary, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu. Your character should know how to throw a punch and kick at the very least. Your character should also know how to wield kunai, shuriken, and the like. You character should also be able to tell when they are in a minor Genjutsu, or at least have a general idea of what being in a Genjutsu is like. Your character should also know the basics of Ninjutsu, being that it normally requires chakra and hand signs.
  • When using the 8 gates, you are not allowed to use any Ninjutsu/Genjutsu techniques.


  • Only join the group of your character.


  • No porn. You all know what this means... Yes, the X-rated stuff.
  • No racism.
  • Don't put down other RPers. You can criticize them, but relentlessly criticizing them and so forth is a no.


  • Obey any other rules listed on the site (as posted by a Moderator/Administrator). These include rules in the Creation Templates, and any additional rules posted in the Updates Thread or Rules Thread.

  • Death;
    If your characters dies, as in is defeated in battle with no health or chakra, then you must have a whole new character, new profile and everything, and your character will start out one rank lower (ex: kage dies-new character jounin or jounin dies-new character chuunin)
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;;The Rules
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