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You are, one ninja - in a world of death and war. Many obsticals lie in your way. Make friend, sever bonds, strive to become the ultimate hero - or villian. The choice, is yours!
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 ;;The Plot

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PostSubject: ;;The Plot   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:27 am

Years ago, the legendary Shinobi; Naruto Uzumaki. Took on the leader of the infamous Akatsuki; Madara Uchiha. The fight lasted for to long. In the end of the battle; Naruto was declared the winner. All of that of Akatsuki; disappearing out of history. As if no one even heard, or knew them. The ninja of the village were very grateful, but his path didn't stop there! The vow he made to his love, Sakura, in the past he didn't have the strength to stop his best friend from leaving, Sasuke. The villagers wished for him to stay, and become the Hokage. As much as he really wanted to stay, he made a promise. And his nindo clearly states; "I will never go back on my word!" And he never did...

Where it all began when Naruto and Sasuke were mere children, is where they would end it one and for all! The battle went on viciously and in the end, Naruto was declared the victor once again. Sasuke was aided by his teammates of the Hebi. But, the Uchiha had no use for them anymore, so he killed them. Since Sasukes task was complete, of killing his brother Itachi, he decided to return to the village. When Naruto returned with Sasuke, team 7 was reunited. But they had all gone their separate ways.. Naruto accepted the offer to become Hokage and his dream was complete. The rest was all smooth sailing from there. Of course, nobody can live forever. When the heros time came, they died.

Akatsuki, is now unknown in their location. The people; though there quite hidden through information on the group. Yet they are known to be different, stronger, then those of the past. Though, different from the past also. They still wear the same cloak, yet they now wear normal shinboi clothes; looking like normal people getting more information easily. The purple nail polish, and ring are still there, as are the headbands to make their 'loyal shinobi' act more believable. What are they planing? What evil is about to unfold?

Find out in;

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;;The Plot
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