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You are, one ninja - in a world of death and war. Many obsticals lie in your way. Make friend, sever bonds, strive to become the ultimate hero - or villian. The choice, is yours!
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PostSubject: ;;Fighting   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:38 am

Guide - Fighting

Since this is an RPG based on the Naruto Mangas and Series, it will have a lot of combat situations. There are some steps that you should have in mind when in a middle of the battle.

  1. If you are the topic creator, make sure you describe where you're located. Any trees, rivers or lakes, windy or dry weather, grass or dirt kind of ground and any other thing you might remember to describe it.

  2. Always make sure you describe your location in the area and what direction does the objects around you are. This will help your opponent to visualize the scenario and to make a better post himself.

  3. When moving around, make sure you describe how fast you are moving, from were to were you moved and the way you moved.

  4. Be sure to use all of the previous rules to make a good and creative post.

    Ex: Zack takes out a kunai and stabs it at Cody.

    That is the wrong way. No excitement and creativity what so ever. Now here is the right way,

    Ex: Zack looks to both left and right sides as he dashes towards Cody with a moderate speed. Eagerly, he attempts to thrust a kunai towards Cody's arm.

    There is more detail and vivid explanation to this role playing. At least.

  5. While fighting, if you are not attacking you are being attacked. As such, there are 4 ways of responding to an attack from your opponent.
    a) Defensee or Dodge.
    b) Counter It (Either with a jutsu or a weapon. Ex. The enemy releases a fire ball towards you, you do hand signs at the same time releasing a water technique, countering it.)
    c) Take the hit. (May be a logical explanation and may save you from being accused of god modding.
    d) Flee the battle (Might take some time to rp-post how you'll escape.)

    Note; Keep it real and remember never to god mod.

  6. There is no such thing as real immortality as to almost god modding. Every RPC that battles must take damage at some point or else it will be claimed god modding.

  7. If you are not responding to the battle for a long time, unless you post you are going to be away in the away area, you will lose the battle.
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